You can at your own discretion choose to disqualify yourself from participating in the Games on our website. You may:

  1. Set a limit to the amount that you can bet for a specific period of time.
  2. Set a maximum amount for the amount of losses you could be able to incur in a short period of time.
  3. Set a time limit on the time that you are allowed to play in one session.
  4. You must be removed from the game for a specific or indefinite time.

1.1 – To impose limitations on your gambling, you will need to contact the local customer service department at the email address on providing the following details “I would like to be removed from “” Or alternatively go to and click “Responsible gaming”. Self-exclusions will take effect after the acceptance of your request from an agent from customer service.

1.2 – If you decide to block yourself for an undetermined amount of time Your account is shut down indefinitely and you’ll also be banned from registering again on our website .

1.3 – When you set up your Ekbet Member Account , you could also set restrictions on the amount you playing. This means you are able to be able to deposit only and gamble with the maximum amount you set for the next 7-day period. You cannot increase your stake during the course of a week, however you can increase your stake to the highest amount for the next week.

1.4 – If you decide to self-exclude by following the above methods and you do not be able reverse this decision for at least seven days. After that, you can mail an email to the same email address to allow you to access our Games and also re-activate the Member Account.