More EKBET has the honor of becoming the very first prestigious online gaming site in the Asian market. The company offers a variety of exciting gaming options like live casino games, slot games and more, including horse racing as well as online cock-fighting. EKBET assures that all withdrawal and deposit transactions for our customers are processed quickly. Furthermore, players are backed by our professional 24/7 customer support.

All the data of our clients is protected completely through our system when they travel overseas. We also demand our transfer agents, banks as well as credit card institutions and our partners to safeguard our players’ personal information to facilitate their transactions. All deposits made by our players are treated as commercial accounts, and are not transferred to any other institution.

The legal age limit to join EKBET is the one who has reached the age of 21.

In order to protect their identity In order to protect themselves, customers are required to sign up accounts using their names which are identical to the bank account’s name. So, all deposits and withdrawal transactions have to be made using their proper names.

Enter EKBET’s website, then click “forget password” Fill in the full of the correct details: user and registered email. Click “OK”. Our system will email you via email with a temporary password to sign into. After you sign in successfully you can change your password, and then use the most recent login password the next times.

In some states or regions where it is against the rules to play online games. In this instance you have to adhere to your local laws. If you have questions you should consult lawyers in your area of residence for further information. Our company does not assume responsibility for anyone who is in violation of local laws.

It is recommended to use your credit card for making an investment.


If you choose to pay a fee of service, based on which method you select. For this cost, you must get in touch with your bank to find out more. It is free processing of your account at EKBET however, there are certain charges for service processing from certain institutions, banks organizations or electronic wallets that you prefer. It is possible to check the rates of service charges at the bank where you make a withdrawal or deposit. EKBET does not pay any fees from transactions.

  1. Withdrawal via local banks
  2. To take a quick withdrawal at EKBET through local banks, players must supply us with the enclosed documents in the following manner
  3. Copy from their identification card that has a clear image.
  4. The first time I’ve withdrawn.

When it is the first time that a withdrawal has been made to protect themselves in accordance with the privacy policies for withdrawals of EKBET players are asked to supply our company with the necessary information. Then, the players must wait for confirmation from our finance department within 24 hours.